The 2017 Popcorn sale is underway!  With all the great prizes and incentives, we are sure you and your Scout will have a great time selling Trail's End popcorn!

Check out the Order & Prize form for more information.




Fill up your popcorn "Take Order" form and get your very own special edition Flint River Council Light Up Fidget Spinner  

What do you have to do to earn one of these special edition light up fidget spinners?
Fill up each line of your Take Order fom with a popcorn order (these cannot be Show & Sell orders on Online orders)  That's just one sale a day for a month and ones of these fidget spinners will be yours!
Fill out theinformation form and then email or FAX your completed Take Order form AND the information form to Rachel Cole at or FAX to 770-227-4556.
Fidget Spinners will be delivered to unit leaders at December Roundtable for distribution.  Limited to youth members registered with the Flint River Council.  

Support our nation's military with 'Military Donations!'

  Donate funds to purchase popcorn for our military folks stationed
  around the world.  Trail's End will take care of the rest, like getting
  popcorn to our military in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.  
  Some even gets donated to our military people stationed right
  here in the United States of America! 





Scholarships Available For Scouts To Earn

Did you know your Scouts can earn a college scholarship by selling Trail's End Popcorn?
Scouts who sell at least $2,500 (online, face-to-face, or combination) in any calendar year receive 6% of their total sale invested in their own college scholarship account.  Once enrolled, 6% of their sales each year will be added to their account.  For more information on how YOUR Scout can earn a Trail's End Scholarship, click here.



Sell Popcorn Online

With the new online selling system, Scouts can tell their story with personalized fundraising pages, upload photos and videos, send email, texts, and post to social media.  Reach those friends and family that live far away and get them to help support your Scouting adventure.  Remember when you sell online, you don't have to worry with collecting the money or delivering the product.  Click here for more information about selling popcorn online.


$300 Club Registration

$650 Club Registration

$1,500 Club Registration

2017 Popcorn Kernel Guide Book

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